Hey Dolls,

This post was inspired by Jessicaxo in her post called ‘The Shortcomings of Life‘ which reminded me of my experience with Shorty Mcshort Short and why it simply did not work out with him.

Now, I get it! It can really be a hard world out there for short men who are looking to plough through the field of the dating world – be it online or in ‘real life’. They, for the lack of better wording, simply fall short when it comes to really matching up to their taller counterparts. In recent years, many have come to their defence, claiming that a man’s worth should never be measured by his height but his personality, humour, wit, humility, honesty and so on and so forth. However, it has come to my attention that short men, come with something that I like to call the ‘Short-Man Syndrome’ and this my dear friends, has become even more off-putting than the height they carry all-together (for those of us who are self proclaimed heightists).

‘Short-Man Syndrome’ refers to the behaviour that is primarily found in men who lack in the physical height department. It is their need to over compensate for everything they do and say to the point that they become these overtly arrogant, miniature Michelin Man looking (they tend to live at the gym in hope of growing bigger penises and becoming taller), knob-heads.

I know what you’re thinking – “Give short men a break” – “They have probably resulted to crazy antics because of the way they are treated by women in the dating world” and “They have to stand out in the sea of the lothario giants that currently dominate the dating world”… bla bla bla. But this is what I put to you all: do short men ever consider the point that maybe, just maybe, the disinterest that heightists show may be because of the way they act?

If you’re short, know and recognise that you are short. DO NOT pretend (lie) that you are tall, DO NOT get offended when someone makes a reference to your height and DO NOT overtly act like you are the shit. No one wants a dick who pushes their masculinity too far to the point they just appear butthurt! And for the love of FUCK, give the fucking gym a miss every now and again. Having no neck only adds to your vertical challenge and by no means makes you look any sexier or taller!

I get it – The universe took the absolute Mick, Micky, Michael with you when giving out the height gene but get over it. You are short. You may not be everyone’s preference but opting to act like an absolute tool is not going to add a few inches to your height… or to your penis so just quite it!

Now, back to the 5ft 8 guy who I dubbed, ‘Shorty McShort Short’. Everything was going so well and we continued to vibe just the way I explained for a couple of weeks after my post but then he quite literally lost his actual bloody mind.

We all know what our standards are and we all know what our preferences are. Saying that, we all equally know when our standards have been lowered (or changed) in order for us to give something new a go. My standards were definitely “changed” to see where it could go with Shorty as I had never given a guy his height the time of day – not saying that I am the most stunning female in the world but that he just wasn’t my typical type.

Out of nowhere – Shorty caught the Short-Man Syndrome. He was constantly comparing himself to men who were much taller than him, pointing out their possible shortcomings, why he was better than them, pointing out his physique and comparing it to that of a guy much much taller than him. In short (hahahahahaha sorry I couldn’t help it), he was OBSESSED with tall men!

I of course got over (hehehe) Shorty really quickly after that. Explained that I tried to put my issues with his height to the side but felt that HE made it hard by constantly bringing up his height every chance he got! I got bored of his arrogance and it quickly became off-putting when it was initially charming. I will now happily stick to my preference of tall men and think nothing of it when dismissing shorter guys. I have not got the time of day to stroke a guy’s ego just because they picked the short straw (;)) in the height department!

Are you a heightist? – Ever dated a guy who was shorter than you? What was your experience like? Are you now a short-guy convert? Let me know in the comment section!





    1. This article seems like nothing but a bitter rant. By the way, the average height range for American men is 5’8 -5’11. The author acts like 5’8 is 5’1 or something. The way over the top ranting is childish and ridiculous. Seems to me to be overcompensation by a woman who’s been rejected several times in her life – so she raves against short men like a sickeningly spoiled child. Its something for her disturbed personality to cling to. She’s laughable.

      Rambling, ranting and profanity don’t validate your point – they just evidence you to be extremely childish and overbearing. No man, short or tall, wants a woman like that. The author of this article is an embarrassment to all genuinely decent, adult-acting women.

      This comment will be “moderated” away because it dares to point out the obvious – that whoever would write such an infantile, poisonous rant is themselves a very embittered and pathetic person.

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  1. been there, done that, and sorely regretted lowering (hah) my standards because he turned out to be an absolute douchebag! and you know what.. since that’s happened every time i’ve changed my criteria to try something new… i’m bidding goodbye to Ms “Nice Girl” now!

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  2. Being hardly 1.5m myself it’s virtually impossible to find any guy shorter than me hahahaha (thank God). But for some weird reason I usually end up with the really tall guys…compensatory behaviour I guess…But yeah, short guys are usually pricks!

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    1. Aww You know us giants have a bone to pick with you girls taking all the tall guys look. What about us? 😦 I guess thats just the way the cookie crumbles aye.. At this point, I will just be content with a guy who is a few inches taller than me.. My hope and dreams of a 6ft 5 guy has dwindled to nothing.

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  3. I’m a heightist. I’m 5’3, and I can’t take anyone under 6′ seriously. I’m such a height snob. I will forever love my tall men. Little dog syndrome is no joke with men. I had a guy friend that was 5’6 and lived at the gym, and he was OBSESSED with tall men. It was so annoying.

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    1. I’m telling you! It can get real deep with you. On a side note, YOU’RE 5’3 AND YOU CANT DATE ANY GUY WHO IS UNDER 6′?? hahahaha.. if I was to find a guy with that height difference to me, I’d very content lool.. its funny how this world works aye.

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      1. You know, I come from a very tall family. So, all of the men are tall yell. Lol I think I just want them to match the other men in my life. It’s so superficial, but I do.

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      2. No, I totally get it. Its the reason why I am such a heightist – A short ass dude has no chance to fit in with the giants that are the men in my family haha! Really – I am thinking of them in the long run 😉

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      3. 😂 exactly! It’s for their own good! -I did recently hook up with someone that was 5’10ish. I didn’t hate it.


    1. Haha yeah that’s the first issue with being a resident heightist.. I genuinely don’t look down to see and notice one.. these shorties are getting through via internet dating! If a guy says he is 6ft 2 on his profile.. you kinda have to believe it until the date haha 😅


  4. Hey, thank you for reading my post and thank you for your comment – it was a very interesting read. As sad as it may sound, and by no means is this the voice of every 20 year old out there, I simply do not find short men attractive. You mentioned women not rejecting you because you were bald or ugly but fail to appreciate that your height in itself could have easily been seen as the unattractive feature that these women saw in you. You mention. ” I wanted a taller girl because of the physical turn on and to for fill one of my desires, yet not one single tall girl (in her 20’s) gave me a chance. ” Here it seems you equated height to a sexual desire/physical desire and so I find it quite arrogant that you do not/did not understand that in the same way you found tall women desirable, they too found tall men desirable.

    I think the older you get, the more your priorities change. You learn that “desires” are not that important when wanting to find a mate and a suitable partner to bring up your children. That’s when things change and when height may become quite trivial against this. It’s not that you think you have to settle in your 30’s, you simply “grow up” and your priorities change.

    All the men in my family are very tall, and I suppose to a certain degree, I equate masculinity to height and that’s just a part of it. Short men, as it stands do not exude the masculinity that I find attractive in a potential partner. I am not at a stage where my brain is registering traits that would make an ideal father to my future children. I am only registering traits that make me want the guy.

    By the sounds of your comment, you have perfectly exemplified the true essence of short-man-syndrome (in my humble opinion). There’s just too much to prove with a high level of arrogance.

    I am glad it all worked out for you in the end – please be thankful for your lovely wife and kids and be content with what you have achieved. Your past is in the past. The women you approached that had turned you down were obviously not compatible with your way of thinking which is fine. You can’t be attractive to everyone ;).


    1. Frank, 1. I’m 5ft 7 so hardly stick out, 2. I do not have broad shoulders and 3. Why on earth are you such a hypocrite? So, you are perfectly entitled to find tall women sexually attractive and you are perfectly entitled to wanting to strive to date and be with a tall female but if a woman also finds tall men sexually attractive and strives to date tall men, she is somehow trolled by you?

      What gives you the right to be able to find whomever you wish attractive but not others? Get over it. Some people will not find you attractive, some will – it doesn’t mean that those who don’t will be damned until kingdom comes for their PREFERENCE in who they date.

      This is a ridiculous argument to have. You can’t dictate who other people find attractive and damn them if they do not meet with your approval. I’m so very baffled by your God complex.

      There are women who are not heightist and who will date whoever finds them attractive who STILL end up alone and single. The world simply does not work the way you think it does.

      You think your life is so aspirational, go and preach to other short men with this annoying syndrome. Maybe they too will be able to BUY affection by becoming questionably successful in life and somehow then being able to acquire the attention of women who did not find them attractive prior to said questionable success.



      1. I don’t know where to start, so here goes.

        You are certainly within your rights to choose who you want to date. There is no argument or issue about this with me. What you don’t get to do is to mock, humiliate and denigrate people for your own gratuitous pleasure and then state that it is engrained in your DNA; therefore, you can’t help it. I offer Shorty McShorty Short, as proof of such. In your mind, there was not a second thought of using those words, but what is your take on Blacky McBlack Black? I bet you are quite offended by it, Blacky. Get the point. It’s not so funny now, is it?

        My substitution of like for like words in your writings that resulted in the following paragraphs was not to compare the past wrongs of slavery, which I might add, you never suffered under or anyone you know alive this day, but to show how the same logic used to de-humanize, degrade and discount the value of a human being is EXACTLLY found in your writings. Only, you can’t or won’t see it for what it is. (See below)

        Before I begin to tell you guys this, I’d like to mention that I am absolutely, positively a “*RACIST*”. As in, my brain and all things sane, refuses to recognize the existence of any man who is “*BLACK*”. Seriously, I have been in many situations where a guy has shown interest, is good looking, has a good job, charming, doesn’t exude any serial killer vibes and I have completely dismissed them solely because he is “*BLACK*”. Whilst I recognize that this is a TERRIBLE attitude to have, I just can’t help myself! I have tried so hard in the past to snap out it but I simply cannot find “*BLACK PEOPLE*, attractive.

        What’s more is that you blame the target of your rants for their plight, but when I plug race into your paragraph, which all too easily shows your true mind set, then it doesn’t make any sense at all.

        I know what you’re thinking – “Give *BLACK PEOPLE A BREAK*” – “They have probably resulted to crazy antics because of the way they are treated by *WHITE PEOPLE* and “They have to stand out in the sea of the *WHITE PEOPLE* world”… bla bla bla. But this is what I put to you all: do *BLACK PEOPLE* ever consider the point that maybe, just maybe, the disinterest that *RACIST* show may be because of the way they act?

        Now, here is where this all goes. I truly hope you get your 6’4” prince charming. You have a wonderful life, great marriage and children. I hope you care for your children, raise them well, teach them morals and respect and love them very much. They excel in school and get good jobs. I hope you have a son, who you love and know is a good person and an asset to humanity. (This part I truly hope happens) Your son is like me, 5’8”, and women heightist, just like you, treat him just like you do short men today. I hope you see his hurt, for you will hurt as well, knowing what a good man he is while being subjected to stupid shallow foolish biases of women, just like you have, who judge a man by his inseam. Then and maybe then, you will know why I have written you. Good Luck in life that is more that you would ever wish for me.

        Yours Truly,


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      2. Frank,

        Thank you, it has certainly been interesting.

        IF I have a son who is 5ft 8, I will explain to him not to get easily offended by this especially if he is also a well educated, successful man.

        (What I would say to my son:) There will always be people in the world who do not like certain attributes or characteristics you possess. To pay mind to everyone and anyone who speaks negatively towards you or offensively towards you is the very definition of insanity. It is completely futile.

        You as a person of certain stature, know who you are and know your worth. What someone has to say about you cannot and doesn’t define you.

        People will always have their preferences as I’m sure my son will do too. He may not naturally find girls with straight hair attractive or girls with freckles attractive – that choice is his to make as it is mine to make, as it is yours to make.

        I firmly believe and accept we will never see eye to eye about your need to compare “short men” to black people. You simply do not possess the ability to understand how completely ridiculous that argument is so I will not waste my time on it any further.

        Anyhow, take care now. No need for further commentary… Seriously Frank. I don’t care 😅


  5. Hi Miss Nazamwsi. Remember me? I showed you, by your own writings, that you and racists think alike. I noticed what a coward you truly are by deleting my words, but I have them in a Word document, and I have your web site that I will reference in other sites to show what a hate monger you are. Does this look familiar?

    Before I begin to tell you guys this, I’d like to mention that I am absolutely, positively a “RACIST”. As in, my brain and all things sane, refuses to recognise the existence of any man who is “BLACK”. Seriously, I have been in many situations where a guy has shown interest, is good looking, has a good job, charming, doesn’t exude any serial killer vibes and I have completely dismissed them solely because he is “BLACK”. Whilst I recognise that this is a TERRIBLE attitude to have, I just can’t help myself! I have tried so hard in the past to snap out it but I simply cannot find “BLACK PEOPLE, attractive.

    (Nazamwasi, recognize these sentences? You should, they are yours. I just replaced a few words to show how ugly and hateful you write. You original text is below.)

    Before I begin to tell you guys this, I’d like to mention that I am absolutely, positively a “heighest”. As in, somehow, I get some sexual satisfaction with men of a particular height. As in, my brain and all things sane, refuses to recognise the existence of any man who is under 5ft 11 (in a romantic way). Seriously, I have been in many situations where a guy has shown interest, is good looking, has a good job, charming, doesn’t exude any serial killer vibes and I have completely dismissed them solely because they come up to 5ft 7 or along those lines. Whilst I recognise that this is a TERRIBLE attitude to have, I just can’t help myself! I have tried so hard in the past to snap out it but I simply cannot find men I deem to be short, attractive.


    1. Frank,

      I came to the conclusion that you did not actually take the time to READ the post you were commenting on.

      In that post I made reference to dating “short” men and what my personal experience was like. The short men I have dated had this overwhelming need to feel like they had to over compensate for everything because of their height. Not a day went past where height was not brought up or discussed at their end. This behaviour came a cross very arrogant and needy – two attributes I detest in men and a potential partner; thus the post on “short-man-syndrome. The constant need to show that they match up to their taller counterparts is simply off putting.

      I would like to explain to you how powerful the English language is. Did you know that in any given, descriptive piece of writing, you can exchange one word for another and cause a completely different reaction from its reader? No? Well for example, I’ll make reference to animals. The percentage of people who react negatively to a piece of writing where dog cruelty is discussed far more outweighs a piece of writing where the cruelty of cows or pigs are discussed. Why? – because dogs, unlike cows or pigs are domesticated in the West and seen more human-like than cows or pigs.

      I didn’t see any point in responding to your latest comment simply because your argument was poor in my opinion and gravely wrong.

      Black people unlike short men are protected in discrimination laws and human rights laws for a reason. The fact that you are prepared to compare black people who endured 400 plus years of slavery and systemic abuse to men who simply have a few short-comings in life is ludicrous and quite frankly, crazy at the very least.

      What is wrong with ‘short women’. Surely if you’ve had issues getting ‘tall women’ to date you, you can simply change your desires and preferences? – it’s your prerogative right?

      And as far as arguments go, if someone does not want to date black people because they are not sexually attracted to them, then that is their choice. You can’t force your beliefs on anyone. If however, someone decides to kill off black people because they don’t like them then… Various institutions need to step in.

      I am not going around killing short men because of my experience with them. I’ve stated what type of guy I find attractive and explained what my experience dating short men has been.

      After everything is said, you truly exemplify the very nature of ‘short man syndrome’. And Frank, I didn’t delete our dialogue because I am a coward, I deleted it because I was ashamed that I allowed myself to have such a conversation with a mad man.

      Where do you think this is going exactly? – or better yet, what do you hope to achieve by polluting this post with your unnecessary opinions? You are not going to change my experiences or thoughts on short men. If anything, you have done quite the opposite of that.

      I allowed your comments initially because I found your first comment an interesting insight of the other argument but now it just appears that you’re a bitter old man who has nothing better to do with his time than to stalk posts on short men and have long winded unnecessary arguments with women who dare to express their opinions on the matter.

      For goodness sake Frank – go away.


      1. Miss N

        I thought you should read what a short man sent to me on a blog I commented on. I just want to show you what females like you do to short men, without a second thought. You should be very proud of yourself. He wrote me this out of desperation. Any smart ass comments on this?

        Since 6 years old people say that I’m a short. Every year I got old I was
        the shorter student in class even being one year late and worst, my
        confidence decrease. As a teenager I saw my friends going out with girls,
        because of my low confidence I couldn’t have the courage to talk with a
        girl.I haven’t confidence even to talk with childhood girlfriends. The
        years passed and now I’m 24 years old measuring 5’3, I still virgin and
        never kissed a girl, I don’t have any friends anymore, i feel like they are
        adults and I still that loser kid worried about his height.
        Because of my height i got GAD and depression, my height made me the
        worthless person in earth, i don’t know how to talk to people anymore, i
        feel that I don’t fit in the society and that people disgust me because I
        have a child’s height.


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