Hey Dolls,

So, I wasn’t going to write about this motherfucker but here I am because shit just got waaayyy out of hand.

Right, so long story short – I don’t know if you remember a couple of posts ago when I mentioned my “great experience” on OKCupid and how great and serious everyone I spoke to there was… Well… I met this sonovabitch on OKCupid and boy am I regretting (now after this morning’s shenanigans) that I ever took time to entertain his endeavours.

I want to start off by saying this is not a hate post – in fact, I really could not give two flying fucks about this guy BUT I had to make this post. I had to let you guys know of how these men can get you, if you’re not strong enough or experienced enough to sense the bullshit from a mile off.

So, admittedly there were a number of things that just stank from the get go but I am try this new thing out where I don’t jump the gun and have a little faith in man-kind; that they’re not all a bunch of shit bags designed to fuck us over time and time again.

“Oh I really like you”, “I can see us travelling the world together”, “I can see us getting married”, “I’m not here to waste your time”, “I just want a really close connection with someone and then to spend the rest of my life with her.. I feel like that person can be you”… and so on and so forth.

Anyhow, whilst there is PLENTY to say about the courting that occurred, in the spirit of remaining on the topic, I will not go there. In the end, I had to tell him that I just wasn’t feeling the vibe – he was the type to talk the talk but never to walk the walk. He would say he wants something but never set out on how to get that something -long story short, I think he had what I like to call the “baby-boy-syndrome”.

For those of you who have never watched ‘Baby Boy’ the movie, “baby-boy-syndrome” refers to when an ain’t shit guy specifically seeks out weak minded companions who he knows he will be able to control and make bend to his every will. Baby boy will have you buying him gifts at all times of the day, sexing him as and when he wants, cooking for him, arguing with your friends and family over him, relocate for him etc. Baby boy is the ultimate receiver, always demanding his way – the world revolves around him and YOU are merely there to entertain HIM.

This guy would say shit like, “nah for real, my ex spoiled me man. She used to shower me with gifts and give me head whenever I wanted and then swallowed my cum”. Now, to the untrained mind, you’d think this was just a passing comment but to a natural bullshit detector, this shit is the type of shit that has girls thinking they have to compete with the ex. Well, that shit does not fly with me matey. If your ex was so damn amazing, how about you take her ass back and keep it moving bugger.

Anyhow, after telling baby boy that I wasn’t buying what he was selling, he proceeded to tell me to sleep on it and think about it over night because he “really liked [me]”…pffft. The following day baby boy texts me saying he has something really important to tell me.. I tell him to go for it and he calls me to tell ME that HE doesn’t think it’s going well and that HE thinks we should stop wasting each other’s time and keep it moving.

At this point I’m thinking whatthefuck bro?? That’s that shit I was trying to communicate with you last night but ok, I’m not bitter.. I get it. This is that ego trip shit. I’ll let you have the last word because quite frankly, I do not play that shit.

imageNow.. I leave baby boy the fuck alone.. I go about my business but this guy just would not stop texting me with nonsense.


After about two weeks of nonsense texting and being woken up with bullshit, I laid it out on the table to him this morning. I told him that I really do not want to be contacted by him as it’s completely pointless. He, in true fuckboy form, asks “so all our travel plans and everything we planned is just going to go down the toilet?”. At that point, I was just flabbergasted. I wasn’t sure what reaction he was expecting but, it probably wasn’t what I was saying to him.

I told him that shit was not going to fly and I really grew bored of his antics – Told him to keep it moving – He asked why I was being “bitter”. – Bitter. The word men use to make females think/feel like they’re over exaggerating or acting crazy.. again I wasn’t buying his cow shit so I told him again to keep it moving. Then… guys.. you would not believe the childishness of this guy.. he was like… “Can I tell you something? I don’t want to say it on the phone so I will just text it you” – he went on to make petty comments about me –  took it like a champ and thanked him for the feedback.. I WAS about to tell him about his non-existent dick but then I thought to myself DO NOT PLAY INTO THE PETTINESS ZEE – DON’T DO IT. – BLOCK – DELETE.

Then he tried to quickly call me on my phone.. again BLOCK – DELETE.

BE GONE fuck boy BE GONE. You will not be prospering off me ya damn shit head.

…mean while, I’m here chilling on the bed with an ex… I’ll tell you all about it in posts to come… and NO, it’s not what you think… 😀




  1. Hi! I love your posts and this one was hilarious. Would you want to be spotlighted on my blog? I’m doing an assignment where I interview another blogger for my class and I was wondering if you were interested

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